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Yield Indices is a premium cryptocurrency investment and trading platform, and other financial services dedicated to offering the most remarkable experiences. With over a decade of experience in the financial and advisory sectors, we gained a great deal of knowledge and experience, and are ready to offer professional assistance to individuals in determining the right option for their financial investment endeavors. Our expertise spans from financial management and planning, and wealth and investment management, where we demonstrated a proven ability to take an innovative approach to yield the best possible results for our investing clientele. - Yield Indices is a secure, reliable and advanced digital multi-asset financial and investment company built for international investors. Investments are made through trading funds, stocks, commodities and other digital assets using our in-house developed cutting-edge technology trading systems. Yield Indices is a combination of careful preparation and fruitful work of experts in the field of cryptocurrency trading and investments. We are here to help the Investors to earn huge profit with their capital. We bring our history of innovation and experience in the financial sector to Bit Fortune to create a completely new model for the way in which our users interact with cryptocurrency. After years of research we have created this platform to offer profitable opportunities with an asset-backed mode of operation. Our Motive is to help and build our investor's capital amount with Confidence. Our name is synonymous with effective and profitable crypto trading solutions and investments where our investors need little to no trading and crypto experience. Your Money will work for you here with full maximized profits. Yield Indices has created many safety functions for these operations. Yield Indices trades in crypto currencies because it is a more stable monetary system and it offers our investors a multitude of investment opportunities where we can garner them a greatest success with our investment strategies. Yield Indices has become one of the world largest independent online NYSE traders and funds managers with clients from all over the world. One of the best assets management platform. With over $1.2 trillion assets traded on Stocks, Cryptos and forex market. OUR PHILOSOPHY - We view our platform as a partnership. We are not just here to simply facilitate the nuts and bolts of cryptocurrency mining and trading. We are here to empower our network of participants with strong supporting features, tailored customer support and a personal, meaningful financial plan that suits the needs of the individual. We work with every client and participant on an individual level in order to determine what financial success looks like to you and to help you clearly define your financial goals. We create a plan accordingly to help you find success on our platform. We combine our personal engagement with you and our history in financial and wealth management to create a truly unique opportunity driven by profitability and low risk.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In order to begin, you should register on our website by filling the registration form. Just click on “Register”. After that, you can start investing with us. Please make sure that you must have an e-currency account and must be of legal age of at least 18 years old.

Deposits and withdrawals are available at any time. Be sure, that your funds are not used in any ongoing trade before the withdrawal. The available amount is shown in your dashboard on the main page of Investing platform.

Yes you can make multiple deposits at any given time. There is no limit to the amount and the number of transactions you make within our program. You can make a deposit from different and multiple payment processors as well.

Yield Indices Investment is a platform which is risk-free. However, to avoid unforeseen loss, the company continuously fills in its contingency fund. In the case of force majeure situations, Yield Indices Investment investors can expect to receive money back except the profits they received. earlier. money back except the profits they received earlier.

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Fund your account and choose an investment plan that best suits you.


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Whether you are a beginner or a veteran in the online investment field, we are sure that you will find our platform easy to use. it’s designed to be easy to navigate on every device.


Anonymity and using cryptocurrency as a payment instrument. in the era of electronic money – this is one of the most convenient ways of cooperation.

Verified security

We are trusted by a huge number of people. we are working hard constantly to improve the level of our security system and minimize possible risks.

Instant withdrawal

All withdrawals are treated spontaneously once requested. and payments are made directly into your account without delay.

Referral program

We offer up to 10% referral commission, which means you can increase your earnings by simply referring more people to our company.

24/7 support

We provide 24/7 customer support through e-mail and livechat. our support representatives are always available to elucidate any difficulty.


Join the yield indices community

This is a Revolutionary Money Making Platform! Invest for Future in Stable Platform and Make Fast Money. Not only we guarantee the fastest and the most exciting returns on your investments, but we also guarantee the security of your investment.

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